Document Delivery

February 23, 2016


Document Delivery


We’ve partnered with Reprints Desk in order to give our clients the best document delivery experience possible.

We have always handled their more difficult orders for them, and will continue to do so as a specialty division within The Research Investment.  As of March 1, 2016, all document delivery requests will be directed to Reprints Desk, and they will forward to us those that they cannot supply readily. 

We thought it was the best of both worlds for our clients – extremely rapid (seconds or minutes) delivery for the straightforward orders, and the benefit of our research skills for the more difficult orders.

Since we’ve worked with Reprints Desk for so long, we felt they were the best choice for treating our customers the way we would like them to be treated! 

We wish all of our clients much success and hope to still have contact with them if they ever need a “tough order”.

With best regards,

The Research Investment Team

Why Is TRI partnering with Reprints Desk to provide document delivery services?

This is a decision driven entirely by our commitment to providing the highest quality document delivery service to our valued clients, many of whom we have worked with for 20+ years!

Reprints Desk is hands down the best document delivery solution available today with unmatched technical capabilities and scores of publisher agreements offering rapid delivery and excellent pricing.

We recognize that many of our librarians are facing unprecedented cost constraints and their companies are merging, reorganizing, spinning off businesses etc. They need a sophisticated service that can offer worldwide technical flexibility and value-added services that they can access if needed – plus 24/7 operation.

Why did TRI select Reprints Desk as the new home for docdel customers?

Having collaborated closely with Reprints Desk since Reprints Desk’s inception in 2006, TRI knows Reprints Desk well and believes that this is the only company capable of making sure TRI customers are satisfied.

Who is Reprints Desk?

Since its inception in 2006, Reprints Desk has ranked #1 overall and in every category of each independent document delivery vendor scorecard from industry analysts Outsell Inc. They are led by electronic document delivery pioneer Peter Derycz and a team of experts that he has recruited who possess more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

What is the name of Reprints Desk’s document delivery system?

Their award-winning platform is known as Article Galaxy.

What are Reprints Desk operating hours?

Reprints Desk operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

What types of materials can Reprints Desk deliver?

Reprints Desk has broad delivery capabilities, specializing in published articles and supplementary materials with the ability to also deliver papers from conference proceedings, technical reports, dissertations, government reports, book chapters, and other types of content.

Can Reprints Desk deliver hard-to-find materials like TRI?

Yes, because TRI’s research and market research division will still be operating and will continue to supply Reprints Desk with its well-known hard-to-find-sourcing capabilities – including the difficult requests of our former clients!

What are Reprints Desk’s fulfillment and turnaround statistics?

According to 2015 year-end statistics, Reprints Desk has a 99.2% fulfillment rate and delivers 82.4% of all requests in 15 minutes or less including 17.3% instantly upon request within the browser.

What authentication options does Reprints Desk support?

Reprints Desk supports many methods of user authentication including: username/password, IP authentication, SSO – SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On, self-registration or assisted-registration, web services, OAuth, plus email and phone authentication.

Which ordering methods does Reprints Desk support?

Reprints Desk supports online ordering via Article Galaxy at, OpenURL integration into native search interfaces, link resolver integration, any webpage by injecting Article Galaxy Widget from the Internet Browser bookmarks bar, and through email.

Does Reprints Desk offer any additional value-add services and/or features?

Yes, in addition to document delivery powered by Article Galaxy, Reprints Desk also offers multiple order filtering options (e.g. subscriptions, publisher pay-per-view tokens, etc.), article rentals, library portal technology, current awareness alerting, federated search, reference management and collaboration, re-use rights checks, a library help desk add-on, integrations, and more.

How is Reprints Desk different from other suppliers?

Reprints Desk generates its revenues exclusively from the procurement and delivery of articles, is completely transparent with regards to ownership and financials, and is 100% focused on customer satisfaction.

How do I contact Reprints Desk?

You can submit orders 24/7 online at or via email. Reprints Desk is also available by phone at +1 (310) 477-0354.

Will Reprints Desk make me as happy as The Research investment has?

Yes, they will – the following is from a letter sent upon the signing of our agreement to our founder, Kate Vranich from Reprints CEO, Peter Derycz: “I know the love and care you put into keeping your customers happy, and I commit to doing the same, all the time, every day.”