Our Process

February 29, 2016


If you need help finding or analyzing business information, here’s the basic process:

1. Call us at 216-752-0300 for an informal (no strings) confidential discussion about what you need.

2. We’ll figure out the best, most cost-effective way to meet your needs. We’re happy to talk through some of these options on the phone.

3. We’ll send you a formal proposal including:

    a. Our understanding of what you need
    b. Proposed research methodology
    c. Description of end products
    d. Timing
    e. Total cost

4. Depending on the complexity of the project or subject matter, we’re glad to come and meet with your team.

5. We’ll draft any interview questions or surveys, which won’t be fielded without your input and final approval.

6. We’ll execute and complete the research.

7. Throughout the project, we’ll keep you informed of our progress and send you interim results.

8. We’ll summarize, analyze and deliver the collective results in whatever form best meets your needs.


We have no price list because our projects are always custom. We might be answering a few specific questions, conducting 50 in-depth executive interviews, surveying a few hundred or several thousand people, or researching and writing a detailed study of, for example, the U.S. market for transgenic mice!

Call or e-mail us and we will quickly provide a rough price estimate up front for a straightforward project, such as a survey or a fixed number of interviews. Volume discounting is available on larger projects. Discounting is automatically built in on repeat work that we’re updating and on projects where we’re already up to speed on the subject, such as a particular industry or technology.

We routinely sign and abide by our clients’ non-disclosure agreements.

We abide by these principles even when they don’t send us one.