Our Process

February 29, 2016

Your Business and Market Research Partner



When it comes to finding or analyzing crucial business information, we’ve streamlined the process to make it easy for you:
  • 1. Initial Conversation: Give us a call at 216-752-0300 for a confidential and no-obligation discussion about your requirements.
  • 2. Tailored Solutions: We’ll work together to determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach. Our team is happy to discuss options over the phone.
  • 3. Formal Proposal: You’ll receive a comprehensive proposal that includes:
    • a. A clear understanding of your needs
    • b. Proposed research methodology
    • c. Description of deliverables
    • d. Project timeline
    • e. Total cost estimation
  • 4. In-Person Meetings: For complex projects, we’re more than willing to arrange face-to-face meetings with your team.
  • 5. Collaborative Questioning: We’ll draft interview questions and surveys, ensuring your input and final approval are incorporated before proceeding.
  • 6. Research Execution: Our dedicated team will carry out and complete the research with precision.
  • 7. Ongoing Updates: Throughout the project, we’ll keep you informed of our progress and share interim results.
  • 8. Customized Delivery: We’ll summarize, analyze, and present the results in a format that best suits your requirements.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pricing because every project is unique. Whether you have a few specific questions, require extensive executive interviews, conduct surveys on hundreds or thousands, or need a comprehensive study on a specialized topic, such as the U.S. market for transgenic mice, we adapt our pricing accordingly.
  • Initial Estimate: Contact us by phone or email, and we’ll promptly provide you with an initial price estimate for straightforward projects, such as surveys or fixed interviews.
  • Volume Discounts: For larger projects, we offer volume discounts. If it’s a repeat project or within our expertise in a specific industry or technology, we ensure cost-efficiency.
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed: We take your privacy seriously and routinely adhere to non-disclosure agreements, even when not explicitly requested.
At The Research Investment, Inc., we’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique research needs.
Contact us today to begin your journey towards informed decision-making.