Research Project Examples

February 29, 2016

Project Examples

Competitive Intelligence

A Fortune 500 producer of electronic equipment asked us to research and write a detailed report on its largest global competitor, a European manufacturer attempting to penetrate the North American market.

Our 50-page report included sections on the competitor’s:

  • Direction & vision
  • Organizational structure
  • Worldwide strategy, by region
  • Financials (including our estimates for global regions and product groups)
  • Product and R&D strategy
  • Sales and distribution processes & strategy
  • Service & support capabilities
  • Marketing
  • Hiring & employment practices
  • Opportunities and threats
  • North American distributors network (detailed profiles of 19 companies)
  • Job descriptions and locations of selected U.S. employees
  • Company Intelligence – Prospective Customers

    For a global manufacturer of material handling equipment, we researched and profiled every product distribution center owned and operated by two of the largest retailers in Europe. Among the detailed information we delivered was the unit count, by brand, of the material handling equipment in each facility.

    With the assistance of our research partners in Europe, Asia, and South America, we successfully unraveled and interviewed the worldwide purchasing organizations of two global corporations. Each one’s complex buying processes differed by continent, and often by country. Our report explained how and where each company sources a particular group of products for its facilities, wherever in the world they may be.


    We interviewed hundreds of people in seven unique stakeholder groups to help name the most important new building in the region. Our final recommendation was the name ultimately chosen.

    Employee Satisfaction

    For a global public company, we interview their 14,000 worldwide employees every two years (in 5 languages) via the company intranet, providing candid feedback on a variety of topics, including the best business and social networking sites on the planet.

    Investor Relations

    We routinely design, conduct, and analyze in-depth interviews of institutional investors and brokerage firm analysts for the IR departments of public companies, reporting back what the investment community currently thinks of them – and why.

    Market Intelligence

    For a foreign automotive designer, our research defined customer demographics, product features, optimum price, and projected sales, convincing the company to build a manufacturing facility in the U.S. and start marketing their vehicles to American consumers.

    For a successful manufacturer of heavy-duty truck components, our research convinced them NOT TO ENTER a new product market that was already mature and highly competitive, with few unmet customer needs, low margins and some unique barriers to entry.

    For a global manufacturer of warehousing equipment, we found out why customers are loyal to their major competitor’s brand and what it will take, in terms of new product features and pricing, for them to switch.

    Merger & Acquisition

    We do the external market due diligence for corporations and venture capital firms, a critical component in their decision making process to acquire new companies.

    Customer Perception and Satisfaction

    Our research told a major metropolitan hospital how, surprisingly, they were perceived and misperceived by regional residents.